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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Palampur Pincode / Post Office Search (KANGRA, Himachal Pradesh)

Arla B.O 176102PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Arth Jhikli B.O 176059PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Atiala Dai B.O 176083PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Auc Palampur S.O 176062PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Bagora B.O 176059PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Bai-da-patt B.O 176086PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Bairhgat S.O 176073PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Ballah B.O 176064PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Balota B.O 176084PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Bandahu B.O 176073PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Bandla Tea Estate B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Banuri B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Bari B.O 176083PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Bhadraina B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Bhadrol B.O 176101PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Bhagotla B.O 176059PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Bhattoo Samula B.O 176064PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Bhawana S.O 176076PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Bhawarna S.O 176083PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Bhirri B.O 176088PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Bhoura B.O 176087PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Bhullanaso S.O 176071PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Bindravan B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Boda Lauhanti B.O 176092PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Boda Lower B.O 176083PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Chachian S.O 176059PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Chandpur B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Chhenchheri B.O 176086PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Chowki B.O 176084PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Chowki Khalet B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Dadh B.O 176052PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Dagoh B.O 176076PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Dain B.O 176101PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Darang S.O 176060PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Daroh S.O 176092PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Dehan B.O 176102PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Deogram B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Dheera S.O 176101PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Dhoran B.O 176060PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Drug B.O 176071PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Duhak S.O 176075PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Gadiara B.O 176065PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Gaggal Khas B.O 176101PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Gaggal Kholi B.O 176101PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Garh Jamula B.O 176092PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Garla Dai B.O 176085PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Geeta Peeth B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Ghaneta B.O 176060PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Gharana B.O 176084PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Gopalpur B.O 176059PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Hangloh B.O 176059PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Jaind B.O 176086PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Jhamoon B.O 176088PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Jharet Jaggian B.O 176060PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Jia B.O 176059PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Kachhera B.O 176076PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Kahanpat B.O 176101PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Kailashpur B.O 176076PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Kakrain B.O 176085PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Kallon B.O 176086PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Kamlehar B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Kandgawal Tikker B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Kandi B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Kasba Punner B.O 176083PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Kharuhal B.O 176092PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Kiarban B.O 176084PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Kona B.O 176093PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Kothi B.O 176088PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Kural B.O 176083PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Lahat B.O 176086PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Lahla B.O 176059PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Makol B.O 176076PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Malahu B.O 176087PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Malnoo B.O 176083PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Man Simble B.O 176083PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Maranda S.O 176102PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Marhoon B.O 176092PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Matyal B.O 176088PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Menjha B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Mundhi B.O 176092PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Mungal Galoo B.O 176088PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Nachhir B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Nanaon B.O 176085PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Nanwar B.O 176088PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Noura S.O 176084PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Pahra S.O 176087PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Palampur H.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Panapar B.O 176064PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Panchrukhi S.O 176103PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Paniali B.O 176101PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Paplah B.O 176073PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Paraur S.O 176064PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Patti B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Pharer B.O 176064PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Punner B.O 176083PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Purba B.O 176084PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Raipur B.O 176085PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Rajehar B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Rajhoon S.O 176065PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Rajpur B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Rakh B.O 176059PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Ramehar B.O 176083PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Rit B.O 176086PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Rohan B.O 176093PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Salehra B.O 176088PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Saloh B.O 176102PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Sanhoon B.O 176093PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Sansai B.O 176088PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Saperu B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Sapruhal B.O 176093PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Sarhoot B.O 176084PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Sarkari Sidhpur B.O 176064PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Simbal B.O 176071PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Sullah S.O 176085PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Sungal Tea Estate B.O 176061PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Tarela B.O 176086PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Thakurdwara B.O 176102PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Thandole B.O 176087PalampurHimachal Pradesh
Tikker Indorian B.O 176087PalampurHimachal Pradesh

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