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Monasteries in Palampur

The hill town of Palampur is well known for the peaceful ambiance that it offers to its visitors. One of the highlight of this peaceful environment is the monasteries. The people of Palampur practice Buddhism at large and since this place is close to Tibet the impact of Buddhist culture are very much evident in the form of the number of monasteries in this region. These monasteries are located in beautiful locales and the ambiance of these monasteries is apt for meditation. Many tourists visit these monasteries in search of solace and peace as they are in need of the much needed break from a busy and hectic life.

Monasteries in Palampur

Popular Monasteries in Palampur

Some of the most popular monasteries in Palampur are discussed below:

Tashi Jong Monastery

This Monastery is located in the village of Tashi Jong which is around 14 kilometers from the main town of Palampur and one can visit this place on the way to Baijnath. The monastery located here has carved roofs and the prayer flags on the roof that are coloured in red and golden provide an awesome view.  This monastery has been a refuge for Tibetans for years together and it serves as a community center for the people of Palampur.  One of the solid examples of strong craftsmanship is visible in the form of a stupa that is present in the monastery.  The complex of the monastery has a crafts emporium along with a restaurant and garden. The crafts emporium is a treat for art lovers as it displays various paintings, artefacts and various other crafts work that bear a strong essence of the Tibetan culture.

Tashi Jong Monastery in Palampur


 This is another popular Buddhist religious place that shot into prominence as it sheltered one of the famous Buddhist preachers named Tai Siti Rimpoche. Every afternoon the head monk holds a ceremony in which he offers blessings to his disciples and followers and conducts his holy sermons.  The Stupa of this monastery provides a beautiful view as it is covered by woods and is present amidst lush greenery.

Palyul Choekhorling Monastery

Another famous monastery of Palampur is this Palyul Choekhorling Monastery that is located near Baijnath. This monastery belongs to one of the ancient school of Tibetan Buddhism that was originally envisioned in Tibet by Padmasambhava. Nyingma order is the school of Buddhism that has the ownership of this monastery. This monastery has beautiful life size statues of the Buddhist teachers. The statue of Padmasambhava is one of the major attractions of this monastery.

Dirru Sakya Monastery

This monastery is located in Bir that is around 29 kilometers from Palampur and has the reminiscences of the Sakya School of Buddhism from Tibet.  The great spiritual heads come and stay in this monastery from time to time. Sakya Trizin who is the 41st member of the Sakya lineage also blesses his followers here from time to time. Neugal cafe and Pizzicato cafe are the nearby places to this monastery.

Religious palces of the Buddhists in Palampur

Palpung Sherab Ling Monastery

This monastery is located at a distance of 18 kilometers from Palampur and is one of the most beautiful monasteries. This monastery has the facilities of studies of Buddhist culture along with residential complex for students who undertake the seven year long course in the college that is located in the monastery. It also houses a craft center that exhibits Tibetan art and crafts. There is also an exhibition hall that displays presentations, photographs and art of Tibetan culture.

The nearby places of Bir and Billing that are located at a distance of 29 and 43kilometers from Palampur house many other beautiful monasteries that are worth paying a visit. These monasteries are great places to visit in order to gain inner solace and genuine peace.

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