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Business and Economy in Palampur

The hill station of Palampur has witness a lot of progress and economic independence in the recent times. Being blessed with abundance of scenic beauty due to the co-existence of plush tea gardens and dense pine forests against the backdrop of snow capped mountain ranges of Dhauladhar, this place has been a tourist hotspot for years together. Therefore, a lot of revenue is generated by the tourism industry. Also, the town of Palampur is popularly christened as the "Tea Capital" of Northern India, that's because it has a number of tea estates and is instrumental in supplying tea to the different parts of the country and globally as well.

Business and Economy in Palampur

Tea Industry in Palampur

There are a number of tea estate owners in Palampur. These tea estates employ a number of local workers to pluck and process the tea leaves so that tea is produced from them. The process of tea production undergoes many stages and steps. There are many tea factories set up in Palampur. The Palampur Tea Co-operative Factory is a popular tea factory in Palampur that employs huge number of local workers. The tea estate employs a large number of women workforce to pluck tea leaves in the tea gardens. It is a mesmerizing sight to watch beautiful tea gardens having a number of workers plucking tea leaves on a busy day and collecting the leaves in a basket that is attached on their head.

Tea Industry in Palampur

There is also a experimental tea processing unit in Palampur that manufactures tea for the purpose of experiments. The tea estates in Palampur are spread across private and government ownership. The tea factories and tea estates have been instrumental in generating a large number of employment opportunities for the locals.

Tea factories in Palampur

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Home Stays in Palampur

One of the popular business propositions in Palampur is that of Homestays. These home stays are comfortable, cozy, homely and luxurious accommodation places for the tourists that visit Palampur. Most of the tourists prefer these home-stays as they offer a pretty decent accommodation at a reasonable or budgeted price. They also get the flavor of a homely atmosphere along with local cuisines and other local elements that make their stay in Palampur pleasant and happy.

Home Stays in Palampur

Some of the popular home stays in Palampur are the KG Home Stay, Taravilla Home Stay Resort, Norwood Green Home Stay, The Mirage Home Stay, Rupayan Home Stay, Bela's Home Stay, Sheer Sagar Villa Home Stay and many others. The Home Stays generate a lot of business and employment opportunities for the locals of Palampur.

Steel Industries in Palampur

There are a few small scale steel industries that produce a limited number of steel items.  Surjeet Steel Industries and Vaishno Steel Industries located on SH-39 of the Palampur sub district  are some of the major steel items manufacturing set ups in Palampur.

Real Estate and Infrastructure in Palampur

Steel Industries in PalampurThere are a number of real estate builders who have started a number of real estate projects in Palampur. These real estate owners have their head offices in the district of Kangra but have established sub offices and have made investments in the properties of Palampur. There is also a lot of investments done by the government to improve the overall infrastructure of the town in order to attract more tourists.

Famous real estate dealers are Joshi Real Estates located in Nagri area of Palampur, Dharamsala Properties near New Bus Stand and Shyam Property in Main Market of Kangra and many others.

Therefore, the scenario of business is pretty enterprising in Palampur and with the right investments the sectors of tourism, real estate and other industries can see a lot of progress and boom.

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